Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Yellow-rumped Warbler

I love saying his name in a posh English accent. I feel all Richard Attenborough-ish then. At first I thought it was a little bit of a dull bird. How foolish of me there are no dull birds!
This bird was brought to my attention when I was asked to do three commisioned works, of which the Belted Kingfisher is a part too. I concentrated on his lifestyle and found that this one is a special little fellow. His story will tell you why. Also another thing that I found very very special, is that the Dutch name of this bird is Mirtezanger, zanger for singer, and Mirte being almost exactly my name! So I pictured him with Myrtle berries.
This is his story:
Yellow rumped warbler- a tough cookie.
Do not try at home what this birdie can do, eating poisonous berries that is.
He has the stomach for it, and that is quite rare. He is SO not bothered by the poison in bayberries that it allows him to stay a little longer on his home ground before migrating towards Mexico. He seems to have an appetite for spicy food, so the Mexican cuisine will do fine for winter!
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Monarchdancer said...

Your Warbler is stunning! You did a wonderful job. You are so talented :)


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