Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Loggerhead Shrike

Next time when you’re on a camping trip and you’re short of scary stories to tell by the fire, tell your listeners of the Loggerhead Shrike also known as THE BUTCHER BIRD Looking as cute as a button, and even sounding all cutesy, this bird sticks his prey on a thorn and then starts eating it! Talk about a good story to tell at a barbecue. On the other hand, perhaps he is just being civilized; after all, we eat with cutlery too.

I watched a couple of cool videos on Youtube with this bird, I can especially recommend this one. I love how the bird moves. I portrayed a dead tree with the bird to add a little bit of desert to the image. This is the last bird of the assignment a customer gave me. She wanted to have her and her husband's 3 favourite birds illustrated by me for their wedding anniversary! How special and what an honour to be part of such a personal and important celebration. I met 3 amazing birds, The loggerhead strike, The Yellow-rumped Warbler and the Belted Kingfisher that I hope to encounter in their own habitat once. I look forward to it!

De Amerikaanse Klapekster
De volgende keer dat je gaat kamperen kun je het verhaal van de Klapekster vertellen bij het kampvuur. Hij staat ook wel bekend als THE BUTCHER BIRD! Hij ziet er enig uit met zijn witte buikje, en hij klinkt ook lief. Maar hij prikt zijn prooi op een doorn voordat hij ‘m op eet. Leuk verhaal voor bij de barbecue! Aan de andere kant ook wel zo netjes, wij eten toch ook met bestek?

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Maureen'sFoodPassion said...

Hi Myrte! It's Maureen! I just wanted to say thanks again for the beautiful pictures! They are being framed as we speak and I expect them to be ready in a few days. I loved reading all of the little stories abou the birds. I learned a few new things.

Also, congrats on all of the buzz you are getting! Very Exciting! And I love the pictures of your home! So chic and stylish =)

Take care!


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