Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Belted Kingfisher

I admit it was kind of hard, and next time I will make it easier I promise. The mystery bird was the belted kingfisher.

A funny looking bird that almost looks as though she/he took a lot of time perfectioning that hairdo.

Of the Belted Kingfishers the female is the trendiest of both sexes. She wears a fashionable belt. Contrary to most bird species she is the more striking of the two, much like us human beings. She has big hair that she probably blow-dries. How else would it stay in shape like it does? I am pretty jealous of her lifestyle, a house by the water, a frequent vacationer, and do not forget that healthy diet of fresh fish that makes her skin and feathers shine and look gorgeous!
The belted kingfisher is up in my shop right now!

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