Monday, March 16, 2009

the Lovebirds!

They're finally done, the lovebirds. And someone already approached me to buy them for a loved one. That's exactly who they're meant for!

In our backyard there was a blue tit, he was browsing through the gardens with a bunch of great tits, always waiting for them to get their share and then helping himself with some food. But since a month or so I am seeing 2 blue tits with the gang of tits. He has found a friend! This morning as I was gazing out of the window of my bedroom to postpone the reality of having to get up, I saw one blue tit checking out the bird house in the garden! Just very very briefly, as if it was a no strings attached meeting with his real estate broker, just a very quick peek inside the house to see if the family would fit. If that is a good or bad thing I don't know. Either he needed to rush to the missus to tell her he found the spot they would grow old together, or he thought" This dump?"...and left it to the spiders. Time will tell, the thing I am happy about is that he is no longer alone.

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Swiedebie said...

They are a beautiful couple!


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