Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Win In MirthQuake's Kitchen

I am cooking up some birds today. Again & of course. I have the honour of doing a custom order for some one whose name I will not disclose at this moment. The special person that will receive the illustrations might be watching.

But I can show you a part of the drawing. It is a view of the drawing that shows each penstroke I made. Each time my pen touches the tablet a stroke is made. On this picture you can see the strokes of the bottom half of the first mystery bird. The branch the bird is sitting on alone already consists of 900 strokes. No wonder I have to rest my hand once in a while to recover. The belly of teh bird consists of thousands of strokes.
I like the view of this. It looks like an etch or woodburning pattern.
Can anyone guess exactly what bird it is going to be?
The first person who guesses it right gets the print signed in their mailbox!
This is going to be a very special limited edition.


Kreativlink said...

To bad.. I don't have very much knowledge about birds. Ahhh.. wish I would know some. So ... it's a sparrow I say! :)

ingermaaike said...

Een huismus?

Digital Misfit said...

Wow my wrist hurts just looking at the work you have put into that!
The chubby round body makes me think it may be a Winter Wren.


Star of the East said...

een specht?? Ik heb geen idee :(

vadjutka said...

Is it crossbill-Loxia curvirostra?


Monarchdancer said...

I'm going to say a Gray Jay.

kraplap said...

een spreeuw ???


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