Monday, February 2, 2009

Participating in the PikaPackage

Illustration lovers all over the world know her: Amy of Pikaland. Pikaland is a great blog that covers the illustrated life as she states it. She's set her sights on so many things that are designed by illustrators and artists that she decided to catalog them on her website. Amy always finds the coolest and best work of independant illustrators on the internet. The website is inspiring and keeps you looking for hours, staring at the wonderful work and reading about the illustrators.

I have been watching and reading the blog for a long time too, and really wanted to be a part of her project. I thought I would ask her what she thought of my work and whether she might consider letting me participate in the PikaPackage. PikaPackage is a monthly collection of goodies made by illustrators who sell their wares online. Amy helps promote relatively unknown and known artists through this project. She sells the packages as well as gives them away to her readers. As an illustration lover you can buy one of those packages and be surprised by the lovely work. As an illustrator you send in work and it gets devided over the packages like this. She also makes a zine with the package so you can read all about what inspires the illustrators.

To make a long story short- as an artist you are insecure in the beginning. So I thought I should ask Amy if I would fit her description of a PikaPackage candidate. Thankfully she loved my birds and I got invited to join the februari issue. Yesterday I shipped my items to her and I can give you a little sneak preview here!
I have had 7 of my birds printed in full size and placed them on a coloured backing. So it is a surprise which bird you will get(if you will get on of my birds in your package) and I have printed 4 of my birds in a mini size with a coloured backing as well. They make 5 sets of 3 birds so you can frame them in mini frames and hang them together.
For everyone who gets my bird(s) in the package I also included a discount coupon of 15% on a purchase in my Etsy shop, To redeem the coupon you have to photograph my birds in your home, on your walls or anywhere where you want to place them. I rarely see the result in real life so I am very curious!

So check out and get your PikaPackage!

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kraplap said...

congrats to your Pika-entry ! looks great !!


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