Monday, February 23, 2009

Clark's Nutcracker I

Boyfriend and I went to Canada in 2007. Beside a lot of really nice people we also met some birds. Pretty soon we found out that the Canadian equivalent of our Blackbird is the North American Robin, nothing like the English Robin. No this guy is actually related to our Black bird. We saw the Gray Jay, Looks of Sparrows and a pretty lookin' grey bird: Clark's Nutcracker. I don't think you can say THE Clark's Nutcracker, like THE blackbird, but I am not sure. While we sat down on the ground and were overlooking Morraine Lake this bird sat by us. I photographed him and didn't seem to manage to get a good shot until he or she flew away. I am not sure which story he or she is telling me but I am going to think about it as I am working on him or her.
Update: See the next stage here:( still no feet)

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