Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Clark's Nutcracker in progress

In the meantime I read a little about Clark's Nutcracker and I am amazed by this clever girl! This is my ode to this special bird and to Alberta, Canada.
While the squirrels are too busy being cute they forget where they stored their food reserves for winter. But not this clever lass. She knows EXACTLY where she kept the pine seeds. In numerous places in the ground she stored an abundance of goodies. Not only for herself but also for the new trees that will grow out of them. That is how clever this girl is! She takes care of herself this independent bird! Oh and don't forget those squirrels that plunder her supplies, but she doesn't mind. It just proves that she was right- AGAIN!

Ondertussen heb ik het een en ander gelezen over Clark's Nutcracker ofwel de Amerikaanse Notenkraker en ik sta versteld van deze slimme vogel. Dit is mijn ode aan deze speciale vogel en aan Alberta, Canada.
Terwijl de eekhoorns erg druk zijn met er schattig uit zien vergeten ze waar ze de nootjes voor de winter hebben bewaard. Dat geldt niet voor deze slimme dame. Zij weet PRECIES waar ze de naaldboom zaadjes heeft gelaten. In veel plaatsen in de grond heeft ze een overdaad aan lekkers liggen. Niet alleen voor haarzelf, maar ook zodat er bomen uit zullen groeien. Zo slim is ze. Ze zorgt zo goed voor zichzelf dit onafhankelijke ding! Oh en vergeet niet die eekhoorns die haar voorraadje plunderen, dat vindt ze niet erg. Het bewijst alleen maar dat ze gelijk had-ALWEER!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Clark's Nutcracker I

Boyfriend and I went to Canada in 2007. Beside a lot of really nice people we also met some birds. Pretty soon we found out that the Canadian equivalent of our Blackbird is the North American Robin, nothing like the English Robin. No this guy is actually related to our Black bird. We saw the Gray Jay, Looks of Sparrows and a pretty lookin' grey bird: Clark's Nutcracker. I don't think you can say THE Clark's Nutcracker, like THE blackbird, but I am not sure. While we sat down on the ground and were overlooking Morraine Lake this bird sat by us. I photographed him and didn't seem to manage to get a good shot until he or she flew away. I am not sure which story he or she is telling me but I am going to think about it as I am working on him or her.
Update: See the next stage here:( still no feet)

Monday, February 16, 2009

JodiiJodii Blogged about me!

Oh MY!
Someone blogged about my work!
The lovely Sophie of found my work on Etsy and put it on her blog!
You can read it here :
JodiiJodii is a blog about her own handmade things and about things handmade and vintage she finds shopping through the world.
Thanks so much Sophie!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Etsy meeting in Eindhoven

Yesterday I was got a nice surprise. Mitsy from and Kirrin of had planned to meet up in Eindhoven. Mitsy who knew it is my hometown asked me to join them in the afternoon. And so I did. It is always a little strange to go and meet people you know from the internet, but we were all very excited to meet up. I would meet them at the church and when I arrived I saw 3 ladies laughing and chatting. This must be them! I Kirrin took a friend(AND buyer) along: Vanessa. In a grand-cafe typo bar we sat down to talk- and talk we did. For 5 straight hours! We exchanged cookies and bird-buttons and chatted along. Once in a while when the laughing was really loud someone would look at us if everything was ok, the laughing made them curious. But fortunately we sat in the back and the rest in the front of the place. Perhaps that was our doing. Mitsy was a little scared I might not be able to show my face in that place again! But I am sure they haven't heard so much laughter in a long time!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Participating in the PikaPackage

Illustration lovers all over the world know her: Amy of Pikaland. Pikaland is a great blog that covers the illustrated life as she states it. She's set her sights on so many things that are designed by illustrators and artists that she decided to catalog them on her website. Amy always finds the coolest and best work of independant illustrators on the internet. The website is inspiring and keeps you looking for hours, staring at the wonderful work and reading about the illustrators.

I have been watching and reading the blog for a long time too, and really wanted to be a part of her project. I thought I would ask her what she thought of my work and whether she might consider letting me participate in the PikaPackage. PikaPackage is a monthly collection of goodies made by illustrators who sell their wares online. Amy helps promote relatively unknown and known artists through this project. She sells the packages as well as gives them away to her readers. As an illustration lover you can buy one of those packages and be surprised by the lovely work. As an illustrator you send in work and it gets devided over the packages like this. She also makes a zine with the package so you can read all about what inspires the illustrators.

To make a long story short- as an artist you are insecure in the beginning. So I thought I should ask Amy if I would fit her description of a PikaPackage candidate. Thankfully she loved my birds and I got invited to join the februari issue. Yesterday I shipped my items to her and I can give you a little sneak preview here!
I have had 7 of my birds printed in full size and placed them on a coloured backing. So it is a surprise which bird you will get(if you will get on of my birds in your package) and I have printed 4 of my birds in a mini size with a coloured backing as well. They make 5 sets of 3 birds so you can frame them in mini frames and hang them together.
For everyone who gets my bird(s) in the package I also included a discount coupon of 15% on a purchase in my Etsy shop, To redeem the coupon you have to photograph my birds in your home, on your walls or anywhere where you want to place them. I rarely see the result in real life so I am very curious!

So check out and get your PikaPackage!


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