Thursday, January 15, 2009

About me

All products in my shop are made with care and attention. Not only for the customer but also for the environment. If you love nature, I think you must dedicate making products that come as close to a perfect world, and a fair treatment of nature as possible. The printed cotton of the pillowcases is GOTS standard organic cotton. All my fabrics are environmentally friendly printed. The plain fabrics often have the IVN2013 or ökotex FT label. The paper I use for my prints is made of a by-product of the sugar cane industry. And I am very careful and continue to look for better materials that don't harm the environment. An example are my handbag I am developing. I want to use leather that is a guaranteed by-product of the beef industry and vegetably tanned instead of chromium tanned. It takes time but it is worth the effort!

My name is Myrte De Zeeuw. I'm from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. I draw my birds from my studio, looking out over a bird filled garden. My love for birds started at a young age, but I only watched the ones in my world, the Blackbird announcing spring- still one of my favorite sounds, the Great Tit in my parents' backyard, they were all part of our lives without us noticing it. My first bird to draw in my current style was the King Fisher. I don't know why I tried but it felt great recreating each little feather by myself. Now my birds give me joy in two areas. One, I love to meet them in the wilderness of Canada, on the streets of New York, or still just in my own back yard. I get to know them, start admiring them and write a little story about their character as I go. I dive into their lifestyle. And then my second joy; the creative process of drawing the birds. It is my dedication to nature. Now there is no escaping the bird world for me anymore. Looking for them is always a priority for me, wherever I go. Part of the art for me is that I am not a bird expert, but with each work I come closer to being a knowledgable bird lover. For me the important thing is to capture a character, make an ode to nature.

How to pronounce my name? It is not like Myrtle- I am sorry that would be too easy. The Y is like the i in 'mitt'. and the TE is like a sigh. Put a feather on the table and try to move it my saying TE to it. Then you have it. The R is another story. It is a french R. But I will accept alternatives as it is pretty difficult. My Last name. Duh, but without Homer Simpson's surprised twist to it. And then the difficult part ZEEUW. It looks harder than it is: Zayw. Forget the U. That's it; Mirtteh Duh Zayw. You got it!


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