Thursday, October 16, 2008

:::TUTORIAL::: New old dining table chairs. STEP 3

The last and best step, the upholstering. As I said before I bought some Amy Butler, Heather Bailey and Sandi Henderson's fabrics on Etsy. But they are very light weight. And I wouldn't recommend them being used as they are. I have enough fabric to re do the chairs in 4 years, and I probably want new fabrics then. but if you want something to last for a decade make sure you choose very sturdy fabric. I consolidate my fabric with an extra layer of cotton.

What I do first is cut the cotton in the right width and length. I then place it over the area and pin the cotton on the old fabric(now it comes in handy) With a pencil or pen with soluable ink I mark the edges and cut them. I now have the right shape. I cut the shape out of the printed top fabric an iron everything very hot!!! I want as much shrink out of there are possible. you might think it is better to iron the fabric when it's on the chair, so it fits on there tighter, but I tell you, it leaves ruching at the sides.
All straight edges are glued with a glue gun. Be careful again, I burnt my fingers a couple of times, it is HOT. The glue dries quite fast so if you do parts of 30cm you have just enough time to push the fabric in the glue so the fabric covers the old fabric tighlty without folds. Don't do it too tightly or your seating will end up looking flat and stressed out!
Work your way op to the corners and stop there so there is a small corner of the fabric sticking out. as you see below.
This fold is the spot where you place the top fabric on. You pin the top fabric on here and then glue the sides to the lower layer of fabric. By now that layer is dry and will hold everything together with the chair. When you've worked your way around the chair you go back to these fold in the corner and flip them back and glue them.

Because we didn't take the chair apart and we took this project on the easy way, we now have a frayed fabric edge which needs to be covered with trim or tape. I chose an off-white colour because I have 6 different fabrics and I want to give it some cohesion this way. Make sure the trim you choose is a little flexible. Fabric strips are not recommended because they will form a fold in the rounded corners. As you can see in the picture below you need the trim to follow the shape of the chair a little.

I start at a point that is least in plain sight and I place a big drop of glue there. I place my trim edge in it to prevent it from fraying. The glue will dry and capture all threads of the trim.

This spot is the finish too, and again I cover the end of the trim in glue to prevent it from fraying.
When it's dry you can cut away some of the glue if there's too much on it.
RIGHT, now we've done all 3 segments of the chair. And the bottom of the legs of the chairs need some lovin'. I bought felt bottoms for this with a nail attached to it. I have to drill a hole for them, otherwise you will hit the nail through the plastic and the felt instead of the wood. This hole should be slightly smaller than the nail so it gets squeezed in and won't fall out. If it does fall out, just put a drop of glue around the bottom of the chair's leg and press the nail back in.

Now the chairs are finished and ready for our dinner with friends!

If you have questions, feel free to ask me!

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Kreativlink said...

Bravo! Great job, they look fabulous!

ingermaaike said...

Great looking chairs, love the fabric you chose!

ZenaZBlog said...

Great tutorial. I have some chairs that need a new look! Thanks.

kraplap said...

wow Mirte, dat was een hele klus ! maar het is het zeker waard. Het leuke is dat mijn moeder 25 jaar geleden allemaal verschillende stofjes voor haar stoelen wilde en iedereen dat vreselijk raar vond. Ze vroegen haar of ze geen geld had om 6 dezelfde stoelen te kopen .... Ik denk dat ze haar tijd ver vooruit was.
Ik heb zelf nog een oude sofa te doen, zo een met 1 leuning (een chaise longue ?); maar ik zie daar erg tegenop. Nu ga ik je tutorial maar eens een aantal keren goed lezen en misschien kan ik het dan gaan proberen ???

ChichiBoulie said...

erg mooi!

glasfaden said...

woww!! I'm impressed!!


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