Sunday, September 14, 2008

Seagulls and Sanderlings

When I was little we went to Normandy a couple of times. I love the tides of the sea, the seagulls and the beauty of the land. But since I was 8 or 9 I never went there again for some reason. When I was 18 it wasn't the place where you would go to party and meet others. But now because we only had a week to spare, we went to Auberville. And it was lovely, The area next to our mobile home was crowded with goldfinches, there was a Kestrel too, i've made 2 giga bytes of pictures.
Though we only set out get our hair blown in the wind and walk in the shallow seawater, we saw much more. Below are Sanderlings, they looked a little like they belonged to the seagull. They looked after themselves by picking up things in the shallow water and running away when a large wave would chase them. When I came too close they just flew away. It was a really cute sight. They were hopping in the water and squeeking like chicken-chicks do. We tried to feed them mussels but they weren't up for that I think. Just little shrimps. Or they just didn't trust us.


Kreativlink said...

Ahhh... the sea *sighs*
I so want to be ther now!!

Star of the East said...

awwwww such cuties!!!

Vickie Martin said...

i think we are all finding our awareness in the world around us inceasing 10 fold. How much more enjoyment to stop and really look and watch - slow down, breathe and watch. lovely pictures and lovely story


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