Sunday, September 14, 2008

Seagull standing in the wind.

Finally! Aafter working with my laptop on the campsite while boyfriend was cycling, I made the first outlines of my Seagull, and today I have finished it at home. I am too impatient to wait till tomorrow to show it only on etsy, so I am presenting him on here first.
I've tried to make a nice background for him, but I liked the idea of him being on the beach where he belongs. So I pasted him on a photo I made of the beach.
I like the illustration-photograph mix.

This is his story:
All the tourists have gone. Finally time to stand in the wind on the beach. It is HIS beach. No matter what anyone else might think. Well, our beach, because he's not alone. There are hundreds of family members, but they don't come close. He had his seafood dinner taken away from him when he was a chick, but no more! And the others they know it. Always the sweet one. Worked fine with the ladies, but after a while you just get hungry. So now he has his belly filled and that's good because the winter is coming. And he loves that. Standing in the cold wind overlooking the sea with a full stomach. Who needs more?
Tomorrow I will place him on Etsy.


ingermaaike said...

Whoa! Amazing!

ArtMind said...

Super seagull, Myrth, although I'm always afraid that those guys will poop on my head! :)

creationsbyeve said...

lovely illustration and story ;)


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