Wednesday, September 17, 2008

For Birds who love Bags.

I've been thinking lately, what if your walls are filled and you do like my birds, but aren't into home decor for the time being... Wouldn't you like to have something else with my birds? I already have the buttons, but I noticed there's only a certain audience for that. And I want to broaden my target group. So I thought, what about pendants? So made some that I will be listing shortly.

On the more practical side I embellished some bags with my birds.
The bags measure width: 39cm/15.25inch height: 42cm/16.5inch and can be folded and kept in your own handbag for express shopping and it's very environmentally conscious to decline the plastic bag and pop this bag out of your handbag for your magazines, books and anything really.

I am very happy with them. It sort of expands the MirthQuake empire a little!
Soon there will be calenders, books, notepads and other papergoods and accessories to pick from, decorated with my birds.


La Pomme said...

i love them, mirth!

ingermaaike said...

Great thinking Mirth!

kraplap said...

the bags look great Mirte !

Ravenhill said...

What a wonderful way to use your gorgeous birds!!!

creationsbyeve said...

lovely bags Mirth!

Kreativlink said...

They look great!


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