Thursday, September 25, 2008

Books Make You Smarter

My bank account is dried up now, but I have them! My 6 lovely booklets that I will hopefully be able to sell at the craft show. Again the empire expands a little, and I hope they will find new owners soon.
I've made 6 different ones, 5 in English and 1 in Dutch because it's for children:
-Dutch Best Friends Booklet
-Best Friends Booklet
-Recipes Booklet
-Addresses Booklet
-Travel Journal
-Things to do today/ Sketchbooklet
I will be showing them on Etsy one by one, and they will all be present at the Crafty Markt of SoooHappy in honour of the Textielweekend in Tilburg on October 4 and 5!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

For Birds who love Bags.

I've been thinking lately, what if your walls are filled and you do like my birds, but aren't into home decor for the time being... Wouldn't you like to have something else with my birds? I already have the buttons, but I noticed there's only a certain audience for that. And I want to broaden my target group. So I thought, what about pendants? So made some that I will be listing shortly.

On the more practical side I embellished some bags with my birds.
The bags measure width: 39cm/15.25inch height: 42cm/16.5inch and can be folded and kept in your own handbag for express shopping and it's very environmentally conscious to decline the plastic bag and pop this bag out of your handbag for your magazines, books and anything really.

I am very happy with them. It sort of expands the MirthQuake empire a little!
Soon there will be calenders, books, notepads and other papergoods and accessories to pick from, decorated with my birds.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Seagull standing in the wind.

Finally! Aafter working with my laptop on the campsite while boyfriend was cycling, I made the first outlines of my Seagull, and today I have finished it at home. I am too impatient to wait till tomorrow to show it only on etsy, so I am presenting him on here first.
I've tried to make a nice background for him, but I liked the idea of him being on the beach where he belongs. So I pasted him on a photo I made of the beach.
I like the illustration-photograph mix.

This is his story:
All the tourists have gone. Finally time to stand in the wind on the beach. It is HIS beach. No matter what anyone else might think. Well, our beach, because he's not alone. There are hundreds of family members, but they don't come close. He had his seafood dinner taken away from him when he was a chick, but no more! And the others they know it. Always the sweet one. Worked fine with the ladies, but after a while you just get hungry. So now he has his belly filled and that's good because the winter is coming. And he loves that. Standing in the cold wind overlooking the sea with a full stomach. Who needs more?
Tomorrow I will place him on Etsy.

Seagulls and Sanderlings

When I was little we went to Normandy a couple of times. I love the tides of the sea, the seagulls and the beauty of the land. But since I was 8 or 9 I never went there again for some reason. When I was 18 it wasn't the place where you would go to party and meet others. But now because we only had a week to spare, we went to Auberville. And it was lovely, The area next to our mobile home was crowded with goldfinches, there was a Kestrel too, i've made 2 giga bytes of pictures.
Though we only set out get our hair blown in the wind and walk in the shallow seawater, we saw much more. Below are Sanderlings, they looked a little like they belonged to the seagull. They looked after themselves by picking up things in the shallow water and running away when a large wave would chase them. When I came too close they just flew away. It was a really cute sight. They were hopping in the water and squeeking like chicken-chicks do. We tried to feed them mussels but they weren't up for that I think. Just little shrimps. Or they just didn't trust us.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Leggy Robin

Let me introduce you the Robin, the latest addition to the MirthQuake bird family.
She was supposed to be the entry of the weekly challenge of the European Street Team. But I couldn't finish her in time. So now I finished her and I'll let her stand on her own 2 feet.

This English Robin is a bit of a posh girl. She won't admit it, but she doesn't hang out with anyone outside her approved social circle. Oh of course she's friendly to everyone she meets. But she won't think twice about dating someone she considers even a little beneath her class. But with those legs, fending off suitors is a day time job!

I am quite happy with how she turned out. Classy but feisty.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Nearly done! Iceblue walls

No time to create unfortunately- Boyfriend has 2 weeks off to finish the house up a bit more. So I am dedicating my time to the house instead of crafting. We're so close now. But it gets harder and harder to doo those last chores that makes a house complete. This is the way the living room looked before: And this is what we've made so far:
We still need some art on the walls and a carpet. But the main ingredients are there! The way the walls are done combined with the paint gives the walls a cloudy lighting effect. We are very happy with it.


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