Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Special order for Tarah

When I got back from our weekend in the woods I saw a special custom order request by Tarah. Tarah is from the Netherlands and I won't say too much about her, because it's a surprise for some one close to her. She's wanted each of my bird framed in a block frame. She will meet me at the trainstation here to pick her order up. That sort of sums the hurry of the order up too!

On monday morning I went downtown to get extra frames..only to find that the white ones are sold out. So I bought wooden bare frames that I had to paint myself. Right now I have them ready- 3 layers of white paint. And this morning I picked the prints up at the printer's.
I've already carefully placed the birds in their mattes, this brings the bird to life.
I love this part of the process.
Immediately after this, I am putting them in a protective sleeve. I am so scared a stain might ruin it so I have forced myself to do this right after the matte and print are stuck together.

This evening after the paint is dry I will assemble it all and pack them. I can't wait to meet Tarah and see what she thinks of them!

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