Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dull colours but never boring!

to contribute to the European Street Team Blog I made this colour forecast. I included a few of the many fantastic items that our team has.

We’re on the verge or a season change. Here in the Netherlands it seems to have taken off already. The days are shortening and the weather is looking dim.
But every year around this time, when the sad feeling of another summer that has passed, I get an itch. It usually takes a month to settle and then I know; fall is going to be great! All those beautiful hues and shades are back. Lilac, black and shades o’ grey! I've chosen 2 important colours. After a few smart buys you can look up-to-date.

A very important one that’s going to be hot: Celadon. It originates from Korean pottery. Read about it here.
It’s somewhere inbetween minty grey with a touch of aqua. Get as close as you can in shades of grey-aqua or grey-mint. It’s a fresh light colour that softly transfers you from summer to fall. It makes the transition less hard to cope with for some of us. And with these items, it's going to be quite a fall.

by Star of the East

by tijusai

by chichiboulie

Another important colour that's on its way is peach. Again the dull version of Peach.
Not the one we wore in the 80's. This type of peach has a little more character. Are you a little scared of looking like you did in the 80's with peach? Fret not, I am not suggesting a spandex minidress. Turn peach into that finishing touch with these items: by pamelaangus

by antigoni

by Dina Fragola

by annarubyking

by iragrant

by kraplap

Go wild with dull colours of these wonderful items!

See you!



ChichiBoulie said...

What a lovely post. Your photos illustrate it just perfectly and the colours are delicious. I too have to settle into the change of seasons but once I do I love autumn.

antigoni said...

Good Morning!
Your blog is very nice, getting better and better.... all the time.
Thank you for including me to your beautiful post!
wish you the best!


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