Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another Feathered Friend

So after making 4 birds, I decided that before the Art fair of october 4th and 5th I needed to at least have some variation in birds. My goal is to make 8 in total. And add some variation in background colour. Right now, another bird we met in New York had to be done.
==tiny in appearance large in persona==
The story of this little cutie is simple as it is a true to life. We were walking in Central Park and along John Lennon's Strawberry Fields. People were singing, dancing and doing all sorts of things to enjoy a beautiful spring day in New York. This little critter was looking at Lennon's monument, trying to relax a little. But because all his friend-sparrows wanted a place on the fence too, the fence wiggled from front to back all the time. This overworked sparrow couldn't even enjoy a moment for himself, and all the other sparrows ruined his afternoon nap with the sound of a guitar in the background. He insisted on staying put, and had to balance to not topple.

I will list the sparrow in my etsy shop on monday afternoon.

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Kreativlink said...

I like the cheeky little sparrows. We do have a lot of them here too


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