Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dull colours but never boring!

to contribute to the European Street Team Blog I made this colour forecast. I included a few of the many fantastic items that our team has.

We’re on the verge or a season change. Here in the Netherlands it seems to have taken off already. The days are shortening and the weather is looking dim.
But every year around this time, when the sad feeling of another summer that has passed, I get an itch. It usually takes a month to settle and then I know; fall is going to be great! All those beautiful hues and shades are back. Lilac, black and shades o’ grey! I've chosen 2 important colours. After a few smart buys you can look up-to-date.

A very important one that’s going to be hot: Celadon. It originates from Korean pottery. Read about it here.
It’s somewhere inbetween minty grey with a touch of aqua. Get as close as you can in shades of grey-aqua or grey-mint. It’s a fresh light colour that softly transfers you from summer to fall. It makes the transition less hard to cope with for some of us. And with these items, it's going to be quite a fall.

by Star of the East

by tijusai

by chichiboulie

Another important colour that's on its way is peach. Again the dull version of Peach.
Not the one we wore in the 80's. This type of peach has a little more character. Are you a little scared of looking like you did in the 80's with peach? Fret not, I am not suggesting a spandex minidress. Turn peach into that finishing touch with these items: by pamelaangus

by antigoni

by Dina Fragola

by annarubyking

by iragrant

by kraplap

Go wild with dull colours of these wonderful items!

See you!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Little Fat Magpie

There is this little fat magpie in our backyard that I NEED a picture of to translate. But he's an early bird and I am not. He tries to chatter but only a call that sounds like a sneeze comes out. I think he gets discriminated against by the others. He's always alone.

Now I know all the stories about magpies being mean birds, but that's just the way they're made. When a pair of blackbirds nested in our backyard I was the first to chase the magpie out and feed hem with bread, hoping it would still his hunger for egg in the morning. BUT, for the magpie there's a place in this bird-world. This one is fat, can't chatter and along. Like PamelaAngus says; Fat birds need love too. And I couldn't agree more with her!

Also another thing that touches me is the way they build their nests: Large, unorganised and seemingly messy. My ideal place is just the same!

I'v read this interesting piece on the magpie: " Magpies are despised by almost everyone owing to being wrongly blamed for the widespread decline in many of our songbirds by preying on their eggs and nestlings. In fact, many of our songbirds are in decline owing to poor survival rates after leaving the nest, which has nothing to do with the Magpies. Also, Jays are responsible for taking as many eggs and nestlings as the Magpies, but do so less conspicuously and without blame." You can read more on British garden birds.

So this next illustration is in honor of the Magpie. If the fat little one won't show so I made this beautiful bird full grown instead. The result:

Friday, August 22, 2008

Set of 3 birds with matching background colour.

A friend pointed that she'd love to have my birds on her livingroom wall but the colours of the background didnt suit her. She loved the Starling, the Tit and the Sparrow, but wanted them to fit better in her room. No problem. After some work I'd changed the backgrounds of the birds and made them fit together better. Perhaps more people were interested in having a balanced set of birds on their wall. So I listed the birds in my etsy shop.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Listing Sparrow

Come and see!

cycling through our national park

Well I can tell you how wonderful it is to cycling in nature and see the beauty of the landscape you're coming from. That there's wonderful places on earth to visit, but wonderful places are also close to home. Boyfriend and I went cycling to the Belgium border and back, and we saw the beauty of Brabant. Het land waar mijn wieg heeft gestaan.-

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another Feathered Friend

So after making 4 birds, I decided that before the Art fair of october 4th and 5th I needed to at least have some variation in birds. My goal is to make 8 in total. And add some variation in background colour. Right now, another bird we met in New York had to be done.
==tiny in appearance large in persona==
The story of this little cutie is simple as it is a true to life. We were walking in Central Park and along John Lennon's Strawberry Fields. People were singing, dancing and doing all sorts of things to enjoy a beautiful spring day in New York. This little critter was looking at Lennon's monument, trying to relax a little. But because all his friend-sparrows wanted a place on the fence too, the fence wiggled from front to back all the time. This overworked sparrow couldn't even enjoy a moment for himself, and all the other sparrows ruined his afternoon nap with the sound of a guitar in the background. He insisted on staying put, and had to balance to not topple.

I will list the sparrow in my etsy shop on monday afternoon.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My order for KittyDarkness

As I said before here I made an order for Tarah of KittyDarknessDesigns (check her shop). She wanted every bird I had made up till now(4 not 100, thankfully for her) in a frame. We agreed to meet at the train station where the exchange of package and money would take place. In a raincoat and a hat with a red rose in my hand I went to the station... Oh no I didn't. Anyway I digress.
She said she wore red shoes, so I was constantly looking at the floor when a girl with red shoes and a red scarf appeared from the mist...ehh crowd.

This is the result of the order and thankfully Tarah has already let me know she likes them!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another reason why it's a glorious day...

... is that my pin back buttons came in today!!!

I ordered buttons of 3 birds. My starling, my eurasian jay and my king fisher are the chosen 3.

I now have to make a nice cardstock thingy that I can attach them on. Here's what it looks like now:

I've also figured out a way to keep the stories of the birds alive. For each bird I have a story. It tells a little bit of the circumstances of the bird or how I met that particular bird. the story is also the reason why I made the bird. For instance the Jay that went on holiday. This is the sotry of my Eurasian Jay.

"This is a special visitor to our garden. The Jay That Left The Forest. For some reason, probably food-related, she decided that instead of hopping from tree to tree, collecting nuts and whatnot for her children, she should visit us. We saw her hopping from garden fence to garden fence, showing herself to us and all our neighbours. When we wanted to take a closer look from our kitchen window, she looked back at us from the fence, as if to say: 'Follow me!'

Now I needed to find a way to make it part of the bird more so the buyer could enjoy the story too. I've decided that instead of the note cards I usually add to an item with a message, I will use small certificates for each bird. And you can read the bird story, as well as my private message to the buyer on the back.

Special order for Tarah

When I got back from our weekend in the woods I saw a special custom order request by Tarah. Tarah is from the Netherlands and I won't say too much about her, because it's a surprise for some one close to her. She's wanted each of my bird framed in a block frame. She will meet me at the trainstation here to pick her order up. That sort of sums the hurry of the order up too!

On monday morning I went downtown to get extra frames..only to find that the white ones are sold out. So I bought wooden bare frames that I had to paint myself. Right now I have them ready- 3 layers of white paint. And this morning I picked the prints up at the printer's.
I've already carefully placed the birds in their mattes, this brings the bird to life.
I love this part of the process.
Immediately after this, I am putting them in a protective sleeve. I am so scared a stain might ruin it so I have forced myself to do this right after the matte and print are stuck together.

This evening after the paint is dry I will assemble it all and pack them. I can't wait to meet Tarah and see what she thinks of them!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dining Table Chairs

In our new house, with our seaweed coloured walls, my old dining table chairs weren't looking all that fresh and fab anymore. Browsing through Etsy I saw fabrics that I haven't seen in shops here in The Netherlands, Wonderfully coloured, with a retro feel. Having to choose between all those lovely fabrics is just cruel so I got the idea of doing each chair in a different colour and fabric. They had to match a little bit, but be different at the same time. At Etsy there are a lot of good fabric stores, I refined my search at 2 shops; FabricCloset and MyHeartAndSew.

After approval of Boyfriend I picked this out at FabricCloset-

-Breeze Blossom Buds
-Dotted Paisley in Jade
-Lollipop Garden in Misty Glen
-Jellybean in Jade
-Sunburst in Dark Almond
-Lounge Stripe in Opal

I will make a small tutorial on how to reupholster your chairs the easy way. You only need glue to fix yourself some nice new chairs!

Friday, August 8, 2008

This little birdie has had a little too much to eat. He now enjoys a quiet look around the garden. I saw him in my mom's backyard. She had a overdose of caterpillars in her oak tree. This big fella and his family took care of her problem!

I feel a little sorry for my birdie. This Great Tit has the least hearts in my shop of all my birds.

I've got to do something about it. In the European street team forum I've asked for advice on renewing items.

It can be good to put an item that's been forgotten back in the spotlight. So I thought it would be a great thing for my least popular birdie.

So I pushed my birdie back to the top, waiting for someone to give it a home.


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